Corporate Meetings and Special Events

Welcome to TSE Staffing Blog!  Changes in Corporate Meetings & Special Events…

TSE Staffing is creating a weekly Blog to communicate with our nationwide staff.  First, we miss everyone and look forward to getting back to work.  What will changes in our Corporate Meetings & Special Events look like moving forward?  With so much uncertainty, we must try to reinvent ourselves.  We need to implement new protocols and services for our current clients & new clients, in order to keep clients, staff, and attendees safe. (masks, hand sanitizers, and clean and sanitized area at all times, etc…)

New Meeting scheduled:
I am excited to announce we have our 1st meeting working today – 8.26.80 – Wednesday in NY.  TSE Staffing team is thrilled to have this meeting working after 5 months of being down.  TSE Staffing averaged over 200 meetings per month.  This 1 meeting brings me hope our industry will slowly come back soon.

When we entered 2020 I was excited with all the meetings scheduled ahead.  TSE Staffing had all our client meeting programs scheduled and staffed thru the end of April.  When COVID hit unexpectedly, slowly the meetings started to cancel.  By the middle of March, our office received notification that ALL meetings were canceled thru June.  As we enter September, the majority of our meetings are still on hold.

Groundhog Day:
Today, August 26th our meetings remain canceled due to the havoc and destruction COVID has and continues on our industry.  I feel like I am living in “Groundhog Day”!  I wake up each day and say out loud out the day, date, and month.  I tell myself every day to say positive and strong, it will be okay.

Outlook & Future:
I’ve never had this much concern over my company’s existence in 23 years.  The unknown of what lies ahead for our industry or my company is a daily emotion.  I have great empathy and concern for all those who depend and work with TSE Staffing.  I hope all are okay.

My promise to myself and the many out there nationwide waiting for my Job Postings to begin.  I will stay strong, stay positive, and believe we will come back bigger, better, and stronger!


TSE Staffing misses all!

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