Covid remains






We are now entering a new month!  This 2020 year has been the most agonizing, health fearing, anxiety-ridden time.  I would have never thought back in March I would be flying thru many months anticipating my future.  The COVID pandemic has forced so many to rethink, reevaluate, and reinvent our lives, work, and family.  It’s not that easy to do!  I struggle each day wondering if I am doing enough, searching for answers, what do I need to do next with my business.  I question my actions, which I have never done prior to COVID.

I am grateful for what I have.  There are so many others who are struggling, fearing homelessness, losing family members, losing jobs, and needing food to feed their family.  I remind myself each day how grateful I am for everything I do have.  I stay strong and positive every day!  I tell myself “this all will pass”.  I am anxious to regain my somewhat normal day.  I miss my normal workday.  Have our “normal” lives changed permanently?  Has our “normal” daily schedule now become the “new normal”?  I am not sure I like the “new normal”.

I challenge myself to reinvent myself and my company, restructuring everything.  I look for new and old passions.  I search for new possibilities that will help to sustain my company.  Each day is a struggle to come up with new ideas.  Each day I push fear and the unknown away from my thoughts.  It can be exhausting!

On so many professional levels, I miss working with a variety of people across the USA.  I long for the interactions and hustle of each business day.  Managing over 200 client meeting programs per month can be exciting, filled with changes, long days, but loving every minute of it!

I continue to worry about the 100’s of people I came into contact with each day, each week, each month.  I wonder if they are okay and surviving thru the COVID pandemic.  I hope and believe we will be back up and working with the awesome people I work with on our client meeting programs.

There are a number of small and big businesses still struggling.   Conventions, large tours, gig industry, music & entertainment, corporate meetings & special events, sporting venues, meeting planners, and the list goes on.   Many companies are still not able to move forward with plans, due to the COVID restrictions.

We shall all stand strong, bigger, and be better thru this crazy 2020 year!

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