We have now moved to 2021 together!  I am inspired for 2021 and the new opportunities and jobs coming our way.  TSE Staffing is excited to bring new Meetings, Conferences, and Client Projects to all current and new TSE Staff.  There will be changes we will infuse to ensure all are safe and staying healthy during all TSE Client Programs and Events.

Globally, we are beginning in receiving the much-needed COVID Vaccine.  So many lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  So many have needed to pivot in their lives, be it work, financial, family, health, and more.  Some changes have been tragically filled with loss and sadness.  Some changes have been filled with new beginnings and direction.  Some changes have brought new life globally with babies coming into our world.  In my world personally, I had 3 new babies born into our family in 2020.  It brought loving excited feelings to my day when there was so much pain and loss erupting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

On another subject, which I am apprehensive to bring up, however, it has dominated our daily lives for many months.  As we move into 2021, I pray and hope as a nation, and globally, we can embrace everyone as equal human beings.  With the violence that has spread throughout our entire world and the political fighting, and harsh words spuing over social media, friends, family, and gatherings;  I pray for healing and world peace.  We all need to work together and respect one another.

As I have mentioned, TSE Staffing is anticipating new Client Meeting programs, Conferences, and Events that will begin in planning and development, most likely in the 2nd quarter.  TSE Staffing will post all new programs on our company website:  “Job Opportunities” tab.  This is where all can view and apply for new client programs & events.  For current reoccurring TSE Staff, you only need to apply and submit to the email listed on Job Posting.  For NEW individuals who would like to join TSE Staffing and begin working with our group, apply and submit a Profile on our TSE Staffing website.  All profile submissions are free and easy to submit.

Finally, I close with hope and encouragement that our industry is coming back.  Thru so many conversations I have had with my clients during the halt of our industry, clients and their customers are wanting to come back together in-person.  We are all missing the in-person socialization, gatherings, and communicating in-person!  Soon to be people, it is coming!

What I have missed the most in 2020?  I have missed speaking with the many people nationwide I have worked with for many years.  I miss the organized chaos each day with our many client meeting programs and events working in 5 time zones.  I miss checking in with each and everyone working on our client meeting programs and events.  I miss everything about what TSE Staffing built and provided to our TSE Staff and our Clients on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

I am excited to start working again in the near future.