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Moving into 2021 together! TSE Staffing welcomes new Opportunities & Jobs.

We have now moved to 2021 together!  I am inspired for 2021 and the new opportunities and jobs coming our way.  TSE Staffing is excited to bring new Meetings, Conferences, and Client Projects to all current and new TSE Staff.  There will be changes we will infuse to ensure all
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TSE Staffing is happy to say goodbye to 2020 – Happy Holidays!

What a year 2020 has been!  Here at TSE Staffing, we are all happy to say “Goodbye to 2020!”  This year has been unpredictable, unprecedented, and tragic for so many on so many levels.  Thousands of innocent people, families, businesses have experienced sickness, loss, fear, business closures, not knowing which
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Facing reality of future Client Meeting Programs

This 2020 year has been a year unlike any other in the meetings, events, and hospitality industry. After navigating Client programs that have been canceled or postponed, Event & Meeting planners are hopeful that 2021 will bring back business and some semblance of normalcy.   Event business owners, agencies, and third-party
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Covid remains & here comes a new month!

            We are now entering a new month!  This 2020 year has been the most agonizing, health fearing, anxiety-ridden time.  I would have never thought back in March I would be flying thru many months anticipating my future.  The COVID pandemic has forced so many
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Corporate Meetings and Special Events

Corporate Meetings & Special Events Are Changing!

Welcome to TSE Staffing Blog!  Changes in Corporate Meetings & Special Events… TSE Staffing is creating a weekly Blog to communicate with our nationwide staff.  First, we miss everyone and look forward to getting back to work.  What will changes in our Corporate Meetings & Special Events look like moving
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