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TSE Staffing Provides a Full Range of Services & Solutions for all Corporate Meetings & Events nationwide!

Our TSE Staffing Team
Leads the way staffing & managing Corporate Events, Meeting Tours and more.

TSE Staffing is a National Staffing company servicing Companies, Meeting Planners, Organizers, and more with professional & reliable staff & on-site management for nationwide meeting tours, conferences, special client programs and events.

TSE Staffing brings over 25 years of experience managing, providing qualified & reliable staff while executing all client meeting programs or conferences nationwide.  TSE Staffing’s nationwide workforce can assist & execute client programs & client guidelines to ensure each meeting or conference is fully staffed and set-up prior to all client meeting programs or conferences beginning.

TSE Staffing works closely with each client to ensure successful staffing strategies, hiring & implementing TSE staff & management while delivering successful & prosperous results.

TSE Staffing strives in developing partnerships to meet each client’s business objectives and budget.

TSE Staffing delivers professional staff, builds long-lasting partnerships, while delivering the utmost quality of service, exceeding client’s expectation in Corporate Staffing . 

TSE Staffing can assist with all Corporate staffing needs today.

TSE Staffing offers a wide variety of local Professionals & Talent nationwide. 
TSE Staffing is dedicated to keeping people working in all local markets.
TSE Staffing assists companies in lowering travel & meeting costs.

For a nationwide Staffing company, call TSE Staffing at 678-288-9030.

TSE Staffing providing service & solutions!

Now Offering Certified Meeting Planners


What Our Clients Say...

Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to work the TSE event on Wednesday. Jeff was really pleased and all the clients raved of how informative the seminar was and were looking forward to future events. Linda and I make a great team. Thank you so much again it was fun and a privilege as always to represent TSE. Have a great day!


Thank you for the opportunity once again to work with TSE Staffing. I look forward to working with TSE Staffing and the Client meeting in Long Island, NY.

Lisa R.
NY/NY Region

Hi Karen – TSE Staffing The event was a success! I had a great time today and really liked how things were run at the event. It was a great team and I hope to work with you again. Please keep me in your records for any events in the Portland/ Vancouver area and for next years Meetings! Thank you again! It was my pleasure! Kind Regards,


Hi Karen – TSE Staffing The staff I had to work with was good overall. We all got along just fine and thanks to everyone having done this event in the past, we all pulled out knowledge and got the job done smoothly. Shirley was super helpful as usual. Always pleasant and willing to assist. Thank you for the opportunity to work for TSE again. It is always a pleasure!

Susan H.

Hi Karen – TSE Staffing The event went great!! We worked great as a team and the product sold greatly. We sold out of the Tilapa early Sat. and were down to about two cases at the end of my shift. It was definitely a great event. All in all, the event was great. The client was very relaxed and open to my ideas, which worked well for us. We sampled a lot but we sold a lot. The traffic was very high both days with Sat. being the heaviest. I look forward to working with you and TSE Staffing in Texas on new events.

Jomica B.
Plano, TX

Hi Karen – TSE Staffing Thank you for the management opportunity! I look for ward to working with you in the future.

Sharon L.

Hi Karen, Always a pleasure to work with you here in Boston (we enjoy working as a team very much). Hope that your weather is as lovely as ours is in Boston today. All the Best,

Cindy H.
Boston, MA

Hello Karen – TSE Staffing, Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to working with TSE again soon. Enjoy your day!