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Conducting successful meetings and events is vital for any business. These gatherings serve diverse purposes and goals, and we've supported businesses of all sizes in crafting distinctive experiences for both internal and external occasions.

From routine internal meetings to high-stakes client interactions, navigating obstacles is common. TSE Staffing & Events offers meeting solutions, freeing you to concentrate on your meeting’s objectives rather than logistics. With seasoned planners, experienced staff, and trusted vendors who’ve tackled every challenge, we ensure seamless execution. Explore some of our top-requested meetings below.


Unique team building experiences for corporate offices and groups. 

Let us create your custom team building experience boosting engagement,
happiness, and productivity. Lets bring your team back together!

Company Meetings & Networking

Corporate meetings serve to inform and engage employees in current company happenings. Allow us to craft enjoyable and unexpected activities to invigorate these gatherings, fostering productivity and lively discussions. This approach encourages real-time interaction, enabling employees to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

Special Events & Occasions

Special Events is your go-to destination for the latest news, insights, and creative ideas. Hire our seasoned event planners to organize, oversee, and deliver a dynamic and memorable event. With 25 years of expertise in corporate and private event coordination, we’re your trusted solutions provider.

Party & Event Planning

We specialize in fun and creative social events.  Our experienced event planners can help create a theme or festival blending fun, and excitement to each event.  We can customize your special occasion to your vision and handled all the event details with our professional team.

Virtual Meetings and Events

TSE Staffing & Events adopts cutting-edge technology, providing virtual meeting solutions. As remote workforces expand, staying connected with employees and clients is paramount. However, virtual meetings pose technical challenges and onboarding hurdles. Thus, having an experienced meeting planner is crucial. TSE Staffing & Events offers tailored solutions for your next virtual meeting or event.

Platform Onboarding

Employees and guests may have trouble accessing meeting software or using it correctly. We can help alleviate the various onboarding issues that often plague virtual meetings. This way, you can overcome these challenges before the meeting starts, ensuring that it flows more smoothly.

meeting planners
meeting planners

A/V Troubleshooting

Frequently, virtual meeting participants encounter issues with malfunctioning cameras, headsets, or microphones. Additionally, challenges like background noise, inadequate lighting, or audio feedback must be addressed. By providing top-notch software solutions, we aim to minimize potential audiovisual disruptions and ensure smooth meeting experiences.

A/V Troubleshooting

Oftentimes, virtual meeting attendees have issues with their camera, headset, or microphone not working. You also have to address issues like background noise, poor lighting, or audio feedback. By connecting you with the best software, we can help mitigate potential A/V problems, so they don’t derail your meeting.

meeting planners


Engaging participants in virtual meetings presents a greater challenge compared to in-person gatherings. We specialize in identifying suitable activities to foster interaction among your employees and guests. By injecting entertainment and captivation into the meeting, you can alleviate concerns about participant engagement.

meeting planners

Other Meeting Services

TSE Staffing and Events offers a variety of other meeting services to help you focus on the meeting attendees, events, and more.

Travel Arrangements

Do you have guests coming in from various cities, states, and countries? Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on your meeting agenda.

Venue Selection

You not only need a venue that can accommodate your guests and speakers but one that can impress potential guests and clients.

Support Staff

Meetings require planning and high-quality staff for execution. We can provide experienced staff to manage your registration, catering, and more.

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