A Tradition of Collaboration

TSE Staffing & Events, an industry leader in event meeting and event staffing, has collaborated with individuals and businesses in all facets of event planning. We have worked with numerous firms — from small non-profits to large corporations — to assure a successful strategy for handling all logistical phases of meetings, tours, conferences, and a variety of other events.

A Client Story

It’s just one (of many, many) stories we hear often. It goes something like this. 

You have the task of putting together a large company event. Although your company has provided financial resources, you are understaffed and overwhelmed. Others may believe you can handle all that’s involved in seeing this special event to completion on top of every other task assigned to you in your daily routine, but you have legitimate concerns.

You worry that something beyond your control may occur. Even if you are familiar with the venue, you have questions about how it will handle the last-minute requests you will have to make because of schedule changes. You also have to coordinate branding and marketing efforts in a distant city and arrange for a top-name speaker to fly into town.

With all my other responsibilities, you feel the pressure to succeed.  The company’s expectations fall heavily upon you. You need an event or meeting planner that will understand all the pieces it takes to pull off a big event while addressing any potential issues.  You need an event or meeting planner who is willing to collaborate and keep all parties updated when changes occur.

Your success is our success!

We understand. We’ve been there and are here for you!

Karen Eastwood

"Our mission is to simplify events and staffing by providing dedicated and experienced event professionals to engage and hire the right vendors, suppliers, and talent for your event. We put all the pieces together, so your event is a success."

Your partner every step of the way.

At TSE Staffing & Events, we have supported many clients much like the one above in planning and executing unique events, including marketing programs, sales events, trade shows, corporate roadshows, conferences, sporting events, and many others. Our team understands the latest technologies, techniques, and best practices in the event industry.

No matter what your event planning and event staffing needs might be, we are confident we can assist you. We can take you from conceptualization to completion, acting as your partner every step of the way.

It's all about teamwork.

For over two decades, TSE Staffing & Events has accrued an extensive network of Certified Meeting Planners, on-site resources, and sales promoters throughout the United States who bring their talents to the table.

Headquartered in North Metro Atlanta, our reach extends across America with planners and professionals able to assist with all phases of your special event.

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